Tips for Golfing During Coronavirus

Just when we thought quarantine was lifted… we get hit with round two. As more stores and indoor
activities close, yet again, more people are turning to outdoor activities such as golf. That’s not so bad… courses are open, greens are especially cared for and more people are working on their game.

As we lean into our golf game and try to escape some of the anxieties of the world, here are a few tips for
golfing during the pandemic:

1. Bring a mask — it may seem outrageous to wear a mask while golfing outdoors in the open, but
most golf courses do ask that we wear a mask around the clubhouse and places we may interact
with other guests and/or staff. So, be prepared to wear your mask when signing in for your tee
time and waiting for your cart; but be prepared to ditch it on the greens! Afterall, who can play
when their sunglasses are fogging up?
2. Bring your own dranks — something we should all be doing anyways is bring a water bottle from
home. But, this is crucial now more than ever as golf courses have eliminated drinking stations to
avoid multiple touch points. Before heading to your next game, you’ll want to fill your water
bottle with water and ice and throw it in your bag. You may also want to fill your cooler with a
few of your favorite non-H20 drinks in case the club house has limitations.
3. Bring a snack — while most courses are still open for take-out, they may not have all the dining
options you’re used to. Before leaving for your tee time, you may want to consider packing a
light snack or lunch in case the course isn’t serving what you would like. We recommend nuts
and string cheese, protein bars and pre-made sandwiches or wraps.
4. Think about golf cart alternatives — some golf courses are saying no to golf carts altogether and
some have major restrictions around them. While you may be able to get a cart for two, we
shouldn’t count on it every time. So… prepare yourself with a pushcart or buggy rental to make
sure you aren’t carrying your bag the whole round.
5. Carry your own hand sanitizer — while most courses offer sanitizer in the club house, we can
never be too safe. It’s a good idea to carry a small hand sanitizer in your golf bag to ensure the
most germ-free environment. Also, remember, high fives, hugs and fists bumps are out. But, if
you or another forgets, hand sanitizer is key!
6. Bring your favorite sunscreen — Covid or not, the sun is out and it is summer! So, remember to
lather up in your favorite sunscreen or toss it in your bag prior to golfing to make sure you have it on hand.

This pandemic has been interesting to say the least. But, we can all play our part to make the most of it.
We at Take Pride Golf Supply hope these Covid golf tips help and we hope you all are safe and play your best! Today, tomorrow and always, we hope you look good, feel good and play good.



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